Microsoft compute cluster

by Doug Finke on May 19, 2007

in PowerShell

Gets a PowerShell provider.


The Compute Cluster Pack (CCP) snap-in lets you view and manage Compute Cluster Pack features in Windows PowerShell.

A set of CCP cmdlets for Windows PowerShell, including Get-Node, Get-Job, Get-Task, New-Job, and New-Task.

PS c:\> cd ccp:
PS ccp:\> dir nodes
Name Status Proc Idle
—- —— —- —-
HPC-HN-01 Pend… 2 2
HPC-CN-01 Ready 2 2

HPC-CN-08 Ready 1 1

PS ccp:\> dir jobs
ID SubmitBy Name Status Priority
— ——– —- —— ——–
96 CCP\USER1 Job 1 Failed Normal

Full details from PowerShell Architect Jeffrey Snover.

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