Java and Groovy can do it. Why not C# and PowerShell.

by Doug Finke on May 13, 2008

in C#,Groovy,PowerShell

David Bergman presented Groovy: Java++ by being Java– at Lab49 which inspired me to record this 7min video doing the same with C# and PowerShell.

Best viewed in IE.

Press Ctrl-Shift-G if you want to speed up the presentation.

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Daniel Chait 05.14.08 at 10:14 am

Url for the video is broken – has an extra period before “html”.

Jason Archer 05.14.08 at 11:32 am

Even more PowerShelly:

“The total length of the names of the higher spirits is {0}” -f (“Luke”,”Daniel”,”David”,”Jesus” | Measure-Object Length -sum).sum

Sergey Kogan 05.15.08 at 9:53 am

To make it fair to C# we gotta optimize it a bit as well:

static void Main(string[] args)
Console.Out.WriteLine(“Total count: {0}”, args.Aggregate(0, (total, arg) => total + arg.Length));

Jimmy 05.12.10 at 2:04 pm

To make it fair to C# you use Sum 😉

new[] { "joe", "john", "jeff", "jane" }.Sum(i => i.Length);

Doug Finke 05.12.10 at 3:02 pm

@Jimmy. True 😉

You still need to go through the compile and execute steps.

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