PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment increases your velocity for code development

by Doug Finke on January 12, 2009

in CTP3,PowerShell,PowerShell ISE

I’ve been using the ISE, it’s great. I’ve been jotting down notes for things I haven’t seen. Some can be implemented with the new $psISE.CustomMenu.Submenus.Add feature.

  • F12 jump to function is defined
  • Function window. Double click it jumps to the line in the correct file
  • F5 saves all modified files
  • F5 runs and cursor goes to Commad Pane
  • Watch window for Debug
  • Collapsible regions for functions
  • File system watcher for open files
  • Drag and drop of PoSh files into the editor
  • Ctrl+Shift+S to save all open files in the editor
  • Ctrl+Tab navigate the windows
  • Most Recent Files List
  • Create a PoSh project type
  • Find in the Output window
  • .Content property for WPF output window
  • Copy FileName to Clipboard
  • Point profiles to Live Mesh
  • In the Command Pane, F8 and F7 like the console has for history navigation
  • PowerShell_ise a.ps1 should prompt and ask if I want it created
  • PowerShell_ise a.ps1 b.ps1 [open multiple scripts at a time]

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