PowerShell meet WPF via PowerBoots

by Doug Finke on June 18, 2009

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Joel "Jaykul" Bennett released a new version PowerShell PowerBoots on CodePlex.

PowerBoots is inspired by Ruby Shoes a graphics toolkit. I blogged about Ruby Shoes and the start of a PowerShell version doing some simple work using WinForms.

PowerBoots goes deep, check it out:

  • Asynchronous UIs and event handling
  • WPF graphical user interfaces
  • Support for Control Templates and Styles, DataTemplates, and Attached Dependency Properties
  • Generate graphical widgets that automatically update in the background, and interact with them from the console


I put this together so I can see the services and processes running on my box.




Click the Services radio button Get-Services cmdlet is executed. The $targetProperty is set to Status for display.

Select a server and it’s status is displayed.







Click the Processes radio button and the ps alias is run. The $targetProperty is set to Company property which is displayed.

Selected a process and the Company Name is displayed.




Download the Code Sample

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Chris Sells wants to learn PowerShell because of PowerBoots
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