PowerShell, PowerBoots and an Oslo DSL Grammar

by Doug Finke on July 1, 2009

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David Langworthy, the Microsoft architect who owns The “Oslo” Modeling Language Specification, has these “Modeling in Text” videos HERE that walk through the specific process of creating a domain-specific language.



Working from his example we’ll compile grammar and transform the DSL into Xaml using PowerShell to read and create PS Custom Objects.

  • I ‘embedded’ the DSL (lines 1-6)
  • The DSL Grammar (lines 9-26)
  • Called the M tool chain
    • line 28 the M Compiler
    • line 29 the MGrammar Executor


  • Read the Xaml file produced
    • Converted it to an XmlDocument, line 31
    • Looped through the entities in the graph
  • And generated PowerShell Custom Objects


From DSL => DynamicParser => Custom Objects => WPF data bound control


Using the M tool chain in this ways has it’s advantages in several scenarios. This script can easily be streamlined by checking file dates and bypass the m and mgx steps.

In future posts we’ll see if we can interact with the MGrammar namespace and work with Oslo in a deeper way.

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Chris Sells wants to learn PowerShell because of PowerBoots
07.10.09 at 10:00 pm

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Rich 04.05.12 at 12:34 pm

Now that Oslo is non-existant, is there an easy substitute to do the above? The goal for me is to stay within powershell.

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