It takes a small village to create a presentation

by Doug Finke on November 11, 2009

in Code Camp,PowerShell,WPF,WPK

I was invited to give a talk on PowerShell at the Fairfield / Westchester Code Camp 2009, thanks to Mark Freedman for including my talk with the other 23 presenters he had for the day.

Prepping the Presentation

A colleague pointed out the Four stages of competence and related it to software development. I was thinking about how it relates to doing presentations. I have seen hundreds of presenters over the years and never thought about what goes into it.

The third stage of competence is:

Conscious competence

The individual understands or knows how to do something. However, demonstrating the skill or knowledge requires a great deal of consciousness or concentration.
The level of concentration needed to develop a story and then turn it into a presentation is amazing. I also believe it is a desirable skill to cultivate.
I read the acknowledgment sections in books, seeing who the author is connected to in their industry. Not fully appreciating the effort and time needed from both parties for the work accomplished.
Rather than doing my presentation the first time in front of an audience I didn’t know, I did a dry run in front of a small group. It did a few things. One I got great feedback. The other, it let me experience criticism in a public way in a constructive environment.
This lead to great follow up conversations about ideas for the presentation and possible projects.


I want to thank Daniel Chait, Luke Flemmer, Marc Jacobs, Manung Han, Joe Morrison, Davin Tanabe who spent their time helping me hone this presentation. Plus the PowerShell community at large and PowerShell MVPs who are great to bounce ideas off. And of course the PowerShell Team.

When building my next presentation I will present early and often to incorporate these other perspectives.

Grab the Presentation

Here is the code I presented. One demo I did, embedding PowerShell in a WPF application and allowing external scripts, using WPK, to change the WPF ‘shell’ I launched.

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