The State of AXUM

by Doug Finke on February 28, 2011

in .Net,.NET 4.0,Axum,C#,Parallelism

They are not currently pursuing productization.

The concepts around safe parallelism and agent-based programming were seen by many as too far outside the mainstream to be adopted now in languages like C#.

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Nick Robinson 02.28.11 at 9:16 pm

That quote, and the sentiments behind it about agent based concurrent programming for C#, is disappointing to say the least. At least some aspects live on in 5.0…

Thanks for sharing.


James 03.01.11 at 10:59 am

That’s a real shame, cos it provided a really nice paradigm. Considering how C# is tending towards safe parallel programming, I really thought that at the very least, concepts from it would have found their way into C#5.

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