MVP Renewal, Scripting games and PowerShell Book

by Doug Finke on April 2, 2012

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There is a lot in the works.

MVP Award

This is my fourth year being awarded MVP. Thank you Microsoft, the PowerShell Team, the other PowerShell MVPs and the PowerShell Community. What an amazing effort put forward by such a driven, creative and smart set of people.

PowerShell Scripting Games 2012

The Scripting Guys are at it again. I’m also a judge again. It’s a great set of events with plenty of learning and fun.

2012 Scripting Games Beginner Event 1: Use Windows PowerShell to Identify a Working Set of Processes

2012 Scripting Games Advanced Event 1: Review a Coworker’s Script

PowerShell for Developers – The Book

I’m heading into the final stretch, “PowerShell for Developers” should be up on rough cuts this month. I’m looking forward to seeing it in print.

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Josh Einstein 04.02.12 at 9:53 pm

Can’t wait for the book. PowerShell is highly underrated as a tool for developers. I’ve spent hours spelunking through the assemblies in Reflector (or I did before Redgate ruined it.)

Doug Finke 04.04.12 at 10:45 am

Thanks Josh!

This is my first book, it’s 125 pages. I’m hoping it’ll have content people will like.

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