PowerShell: Get Out Of Directories Fast

by Doug Finke on August 18, 2013

Working at the command line, I often find I’m deep down in directories. I need to travel up and over to different parts of the tree. Here are functions I put in my $PROFILE to move up multiple directories, quickly by typing in two characters like u3.

The PowerShell

function .. ($up=1) {1..$up | ForEach {cd ..} }

function u2 { .. 2 } function u3 { .. 3 } function u4 { .. 4 } function u5 { .. 5 }

PowerShell In Play


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Jason Jarrett 08.18.13 at 2:43 pm

This link talks a bout a re-written CD command I wrote. Hope you find it useful


Keith Hill 08.18.13 at 9:21 pm

And PSCX has had “cd ….” for a long time as well as cd – / cd + / cd $profile / cd c:\look ma spaces and no quotes :-)

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